Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self-Stitched September Day One

I have joined Zoe's Self Stitched September by pledging to wear at least one garment I made myself every day of the month. I've only been sewing for a few months and don't yet have any tailored suits. I have a couple of things suitable for wearing to the office, but most of what I have is more appropriate for wearing while working in the garden, hanging around the house, or going to the grocery store.

Today's self-made garment is an unlined cotton print flared skirt with roomy side-seam pockets. It breathes nicely in our still-very-hot September weather, doesn't show dirt readily. Perfect for working in the garden. Here I am taking a rest in the court yard.

... and here are the guinea fowl and hens who hang out in the garden with me, along with the border collie dog and tamed feral cat (is that a contradiction in terms?). The cat is actually living inside for the time being. When she turned up in my garden one day, I had no idea she was old enough to be pregnant, but she's now quite swollen in the middle with kicking babies. 

I truly lead a double life -- one as a somewhat intellectual tax lawyer and the other as a barefoot gardener and chicken herder who sews. Oh! I almost forgot. I'm also a writer. A novel I wrote with my husband Damien Broderick has just been relased: Post Mortal Syndrome, and of course there's my self-help tax book, The Taxpayer's Life Preserver for people who are in trouble with the IRS.

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