Friday, August 12, 2011

Yellow Pants

Thanks for the encouragement, Carolyn!
I love these pants I just made from Vogue # 8584. The pattern lives up to its Very Easy classification. I used a low-cost cotton fabric, since this is the first time I've made this pattern, but the pants are so cheery and comfortable ... and cute! I expect to wear them often.

These pants were easy enough to make that I have no qualms about trying them in a more expensive fabric. Lemme see ... this green cotton chambray would be nice.

I've decided to sign up for the Self-Stiched September challenge: 'I, Barbara, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear at least one self-made garment each day for the duration of September 2011.'

I haven't yet made enough public-ready garments to wear something I've made to the office every day, but I love the things I've made for wearing around the house and working in the garden.  I'd like to try to wear something I've made to the office or other public place at least once a week. 

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  1. These pants are lovely!
    I'm so glad you have decided to join in SSS. I've found the challenge to be fun and very inspiring, and it is wonderful to feel part of a friendly sewing community. Some of us need the impetus to wear our own clothes, y'know? Sometimes we feel like our own stuff isn't good enough, but of course we are usually our own worse critics! As your last three posts have shown you have made some lovely and very public-ready garments. :)