Monday, June 27, 2011

The Infinity Dress

I've been very busy at work, so I had a choice between using my free time to sew or to write in the blog. Naturally, I chose to sew. After all, the blog is about sewing, so the sewing has to happen to provide subject matter for the blog.

This past weekend my daughter and I both made versions of the Infinity Dress. This will have to be a 2 or 3 part blog entry, because I should already be in bed. Just time to upload a photo of the one I made. The fabric I used was a cotton-poly jersey whose one redeeming feature was its $3.49 per yard price. It was really too bulky for this dress. I would never wear the thing in public, but I do like the Grecian look for private viewing. My daughter used a silkier fabric, and her dress looks a lot better. She sent me photos (she was sewing in Austin and I in San Antonio), but I don't want to upload them until I get her permission.

So here I am in the basic sleeveless style:

The Infinity dress provided an excellent lesson in pattern-drafting and sewing knit fabric. One thing I learned was that it's very, very hard to rip seams out of this fabric. More about that next time ...

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