Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hanging Around the House Clothes

I have a tremendous lot to learn about sewing, of course, but it's encouraging to note how easy it's become to make simple, comfortable garments like the brown linen jersey leggings I'm wearing in the photo. It got cold here a few days ago, it it was very nice to be able to make leggings and a long-sleeved knit top in just a couple of hours. 

I'm also working on a turquoise blue crinkly-satiny polyester top that's a practice run for the same top in silk chiffon. The turquoise poly top is turning out to be quite attractive, so I'm sure I'll end up wearing it. Also a dark navy skirt and jacket. The fabric, ordered online from is pretty nasty. It's a rather loosely woven wool that I can tell will not hold up well. It would have to be underlined to hold any shape at all. I believe it will be quite comfortable as a loose-fitting jacket -- the same Lois Hinse kimono pattern I used for the oatmeal colored jacket. It flows so loosely anyhow, I don't think I'll need to underline it.  I'll have to underline the skirt to keep it from being lumpy and shapeless, but that's OK. 


  1. I'm working hard to get to the place where I have a handful of simple dependable patterns. The pattern for those brown pants looks to be one for you!

  2. I like your idea, Tammy. Having a few patterns that work doesn't have to be boring either since you can change them completely by using different fabric or different details.