Saturday, November 26, 2011

Music to Sew By

I'm in the country this evening. We had rain last night and today. The winter grass is coming up, emerald green. There is no sewing machine here, so I bring hand sewing to work on when I'm here. Maybe some day I'll set up a sewing machine here.

Hand sewing is actually a very calm, soothing activity. I brought the thrift-shop silk suit that I still have not finished taking apart; a pair of  RTW trousers that are still wearable for working in the garden, but for the relaxed elastic at the waist; and the Batman top, which still has some buttons to sew on (no, I have not given up on the Batman top -- I was merely delayed, because it turned out that the jacket pattern is for a reversable jacket -- I ordered some black satin for the reverse side).

Pour Quoy is one of my favorite compositions of Tielman Susato. Here is another version I'm fond of: and another very fine one on the virginal (this time only one musician rather than a duet) .

I know this is terribly off-topic for a sewing blog, but I want to remember where to find this video of a woman playing the harp and singing. If I don't embed it here, I fear I'll lose track of it.

I cannot resist one more. I love Sefardic music, especially the love songs. This one was inspired by the Song of Songs of King Solomon.

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  1. You are right; hand sewing is a wonderfully meditative activity. I hope you enjoy your sojourn in the country!