Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Small Success

A few weeks ago I made a cotton knit tank top copied from a RTW top I've had for many years (I believe it belonged to my daughter, and she passed it on to me when she grew tired of wearing it -- that would have been something like 10 years ago -- the top is pretty well worn, so I really need a new one).

The first time I made the top, the straps stretched, resulting in a gaping neckline and armholes that were much too large. The second time, I cut the fabric for the straps too small. With stretch knits, a bit too small works better than too large. I decided to wear the top to work today, a rather daring thing to do, since I have to make a good impression on my clients.

I got two unsolicited compliments! I almost hated to cover up the top with a jacket when I met with clients, but this is conservative San Antonio, not laid-back Austin. One has to look "professional." Later ... make that 3 unsolicited compliments. My husband commented that the top has a slimming effect, and he really likes the color. He was surprised to learn that I made it.